The 13 Best Homebrewing Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for a craft beer enthusiast can be tricky. But one idea that is sure to bring joy this holiday season? Homebrewing! Experienced hobbyists and novices alike will revel in the chance to create delicious, unique beers from their own kitchen – it’s like letting them put love into their beverage of choice! Whether you yourself are keen on homebrewing or have yet to take your first steps down the path, there’s something special about providing somebody with an opportunity unleash all that creative spirit they’ve nurtured over countless trips around breweries and through tasting varieties of suds.

Brewvana by City Brew Tours Beer-Making Kit with Online Class

Are you looking for the ideal gift this holiday season? Why not help someone special realize their dreams of homebrewing with Brewvana by City Brew Tours’ Beer-Making Kit and Online Class? Give them an unforgettable experience as they learn to brew beer – guided, step-by-step, alongside a professional brewer!

Create something special with Brewvana! With the Beer-Making Kit and Online Class, you can craft your own beer from scratch at home. Everything needed for a successful brew is included in this package – all that’s missing is an enthusiastic brewer ready to get started! Your kit comes complete with two and half hours of virtual help led by their knowledgeable coaches via Zoom call who will provide guidance every step of the way. It’s not just about making great beer; it’s also sure to be a fun experience shared between friends or loved ones while they learn real brewing techniques together.

Unleash your inner brewmaster with Brewvana’s Master the Brew Recipe Club! Every month, members receive curated beer recipes and kits that not only introduce them to emerging craft styles but also sharpen their brewing skills. Connecting with other home brewers is easy—just log into exclusive virtual meet-ups for lively discussions on everything from advanced techniques to insights straight from industry experts. Join today and start stirring up some serious suds!

Dual-Stage Temp Controller With Heat Wrap

Turn up the heat on your homebrew with an electric fermentation heater. Control and maintain the perfect temperature for precise, perfectly crafted beer every time – no slaving away in a hot kitchen needed! With its dual-stage temp controller you can dial into any degree of Fahrenheit to unlock maximum flavor potential from your hops, malt, yeast and water combination. Get ready to uncap fantastic flavors straight out of the fermenter – cheers!

Men’s Boxers

When it comes to gifts for the men in your life, look no further than a quality pair of boxers. Men’s Boxers shorts provide a relaxed fit that allows for maximum comfort while lounging around the house or sleeping. They are also designed with breathable fabrics like cotton and microfiber to ensure that movement isn’t inhibited at all times. There is a large selection of colors and designs available, ranging from subtle yet sophisticated styles to bright and bold trends. Give him the gift of comfort with a pair of boxers!

Apera Instruments PH20 Waterproof pH Tester Kit

If you make home-brewing your passion, then it’s time to take it up a notch with Apera Instruments’ PH60. This trusted brand has over two decades of experience making precision pH products that will help bring out the best in your craft – no matter how refined or beginner level. The package includes an ultra-accurate meter plus calibration solutions and bottles so you can monitor every step of the brewing process for perfect results each time!

Pico UnPak`d Kit

Enjoy the ease and convenience of homebrewing with PicoBrew gear: just add ingredients, press start, and let it do its thing! And now there’s an even better way to brew – the UnPak’d Kit. This creative brewing kit allows you to ditch prepackaged goods for your own selection of grains, hops and yeast varieties so that each batch is a perfect (and environmentally friendly) experiment in flavor customization. The ultimate gift for homebrewers everywhere!

Tilt Pro Wireless Hydrometer and Thermometer

Homebrewing is no small task, but if you want to enjoy the fruits of your loved one’s labor, it pays off (literally!) to equip them with a Tilt hydrometer. This tiny tool can measure gravity and temperature for beer brewing or any other tasty concoctions like wine, kombucha or mead – allowing anyone from experienced brewers to eager amateurs accurately craft their bubbly goodness! Now there’s nothing stopping that homebrew master-in-the-making in creating something truly special.

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing

From classic French cuisine to craft beers in your own home, sometimes it takes an old favorite like The Joy of Cooking or Charlie Papazian’s The Complete Joy of Homebrewing for us to fully appreciate the wonders that can be created. This time-tested bible has revolutionized homebrewing and became a hallmark item for many aspiring brewers!

Charlie Papazian is a renowned figure in the craft beer world, with numerous accomplishments to his name. He has published magazines such as Zymurgy and The New Brewer, founded The Great American Beer Festival which continues to this day, and achieved many other remarkable feats throughout his career.

Milwaukee Instruments Digital Brix Refractometer

Achieve the perfect brew with Milwaukee Instruments Digital Brix Refractometer! Enjoy a beer that’s brewed to absolute perfection by investing in this cutting-edge refractometer. Its pinpoint accuracy will help you monitor your precious creation throughout fermentation and make sure each sip is perfectly crafted down to its last drop.

Krausen Killer Carboy Washing System

Brewing beer may seem like a magical and complex process, but much of it is actually in the details. Proper sanitation and cleanliness are crucial; all it takes to ruin your hard work is one pesky microbe or bacteria! Brewmasters must vigilantly protect their creations against this serious threat with an abundance of care.

Keep your carboy sparkling clean without lifting a finger! This revolutionary self-cleaning system pumps the perfect combination of water, PBW and SaniClean solution into the container so you don’t have to. Let this “killer” washing system do all the work for you – it’s hands free cleaning at its best!

Home Brew Journal

For hobbyists who are just setting up their homebrew station, investing in a journal designed specifically for beer-brewing can be the perfect way to get organized and track progress. This Amazon find features everything an aspiring enthusiast needs – reference charts, tasting notes, batch recording capabilities and more! Whether dabbling with new recipes or trying something that has been perfected through years of tweaks – it’s easy (and smart!) to keep detailed records along the journey of becoming a brewmaster.

Hops Chart

Stop counting on your fingers and start logging in the deliciousness that are hops! With Data Supply’s Hops Chart, you can now measure the soul of all beer without having to stumble through a list longer than words spoke during an entire wedding ceremony. This chart is perfect for both homebrewers looking to learn more about different hop varieties as well as those just wanting something to make their walls look cool (because let’s be honest — this isn’t too shabby when it comes visuals!). So don’t hesitate – unleash your inner brewer with some hop-raising knowledge today!

GrowlerWerks Stainless Steel uKeg Carbonated Growler

Want to look like a beer geek straight out of steampunk literature? Forgo the traditional glass growler and opt for something extraordinary! Invest in one of these metal, Victoriana-inspired casks that will keep your golden brew cool, carbonated, and delicious. It may cost you some extra cash but it’s sure to impress all your fellow homebrewers or make anyone visiting your favorite craft brewery do double takes!

Silginnes Chalkboard Beer Tap Handles

Treat your homebrewing buddy to a special gift that will display their hard work in style! A cherry wood finish chalk tap handle adds a subtle flourish, perfect for elevating any hazy or pilsner recipe. This thoughtful addition is sure to be appreciated by all beer enthusiasts with a kegerator at home.

The New IPA: Scientific Guide to Hop Aroma and Flavor

Living in an IPA world is no longer a new concept, yet the style continues to grow and change. There’s so much more than meets the eye when it comes to this type of beer – let Scott Janish be your guide as he dives deeper into what makes IPAs such a beloved brew!

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