Gag Gifts for Men Who Have Everything (And Want Nothing)

What better way than with a joke? This list has everything you need for the man in your life who loves jokes andaughter. With toilet humor, bacon or even beer on tap there’s something here that will satisfy any taste!

1. Custom face boxers

Buy a romantic gift for your friends and family with custom face on boxers! The photo boxer briefs is best seller, we know that they will feel love by wearing them. It’s also an ideal Christmas present to give as well – perfect if you’re looking forward in buying something different from the usual sectarian shirts or suits this time around. A thoughtful idea would be choosing some personalised undergarments–the kind where customers can upload their own images onto it before sending off all completed pieces being made into unique designs.

2. Drinker Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

You can now drink your favorite beverages on the go with this one size fits all guzzler helmet! With enough room for two cans, you will never be without a cold beverage. The EZ Drinker designed product guarantees high quality drinks at all times – just what every guy needs to keep him going through life’s adventures!!

3. Pooping Pooches Calendar

Men can be tricky to shop for, but if you’re looking in the right place then this product should help! This calendar is perfect because it has 12 different breeds of dog all doing their best impression on one page. What’s better than learning about how these furry friends live or thriving together as family members?

4. The Freebird Mullet Wig Skull Cap

The men in your life will love this mullet wig! It’s a great gift for any guy who loves to laugh. Give them an upgrade with 12 inches of their own hair, styled into the iconic stars and stripes bandana that has been popularized by everybody from Uncle Sam himself all throughout history–and watch as they get red-faced while laughing uncontrollably at themselves (or someone else).

5. Boweike Sexy Muscle Man Apron

The perfect gift for the man who has everything, this awesome apron will have him strutting his stuff around your kitchen or at BBQ with pride. With a guaranteed hit of laughter and steam coming from all directions – it’s possibly one Helluva combo!

6. Prank Pack Earwax Candle Kit

You know what they say about the best gifts? They’re always those things you don’t expect. Like an earwax candle kit, for example–and there’s no way anyone will enjoy their gift when it comes with instructions on how to extract wax from your ears!

7. Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

Think about the last time you were in an emergency situation and couldn’t find a pair of underwear? These handy underpants are always there for when it matters most, so get yours today!

8. I Pee in Pools Trucker Cap

When you’re looking for a perfect gift to give your man this year, look no further than our “I Pee in Pool” trucker cap. It’s sure make him laugh and cover up that poor taste he has when it comes time for gift-giving (or himself).

9. Dad Bag 3D Beer Belly Waist Pocket

What better way to show your love for the man who has it all than with this hilarious fanny pack! It’s perfect not just during Father’s Day, but anytime of year. Filled up inside are some nicely printed hairy beer belly parts that will get everyone laughing so hard they’ll be on origins mode (get it?).

10. Man Glitter Sawdust Gift

Introducing the perfect gift for men who love to tinker, build or fix things. Man Glitter is made right here in America and comes with an instructions booklet on how much spray needed each time! It’s never been easier than now – just sprinkle some onto any surface (including yourself) then top up as required; it lasts forever too so there will be plenty left over should you need another “fix” before its worn off completely…

11. Accoutrements Waxed Bacon Floss

Get your morning breath today with this awesome bacon-flavored dental floss! It’s the perfect gift for men who love to laugh and chew at their own expense.

12. What’s Your Poo Telling You?

Wonder what your poo is telling you? With this fun, illustrated book that will give a complete guide to understanding how the human body works (literally). The perfect gag gift for anyone who wants their sh*t together.

13. Flask Book Box

Whether you’re looking for a way to store your favorite tipple or just want something that’s cool and unique, this book would be perfect. It was created using reclaimed library books which means the drink inside will always stay safe with plenty of space left over!

14. T.J. Wisemen Remote Control Fart Machine

We all love farting, it’s a natural gas. But why not make their farts sound more exciting? Let them blast you with an ear-piercing noise or play some music from the planet Mars! The remote control machine has boombox technology so anyone nearby will never know what happened when someone lets one rip – unless they’re actually there (in which case everybody losses).

15. Butter Flavored Toothpicks

Treat yourself to a little something extra tasty with these awesome and funny butter flavored toothpicks. A great gift for any occasion, or when you want someone else’s opinion on your speech! naturally flavoured so they taste great too – it’ll help get over that oral fixation quickly

16. Men’s Toy Army Soldiers Socks

You can still get a thrill from your childhood memories with these cool socks. These foot protection items will make you feel 20 years younger and are perfect as an present, they’re sure to bring back some good old-fashioned fun!

17. Westminster Butt Face Soap

Keep your bath time mishaps in check with this clearly labelled novelty soap. Great as a gift, the fun and games keep skin clean while keeping faces or butts separate during showers! A perfect solution for those who want to avoid cross contamination from one area of the body getting into another’s shave bumps on their foot (or other places).

18. Dirty Old Man Stainless Steel Flask

This hip flask is a dirty old man’s dream come true. With the perfect size to hold all of his favorite alcohol, this cool looking cup will make sure he never runs out! It can also be used as an excellent retirement gift or for those special days where you want something more than just flowers on top of your car–you know what I’m talking about ladies…broomsticks?! The front features some witty saying that states “I’ll always keep coming back because there’s nowhere else like it.”

19. Accoutrements Mr. Bacon’s Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

Greasy, savory bacon is the perfect gift for any man who loves his food. The greasiness will help you keep your teeth clean and fresh after pigging out on some tasty breakfast links or an entire DVD of salads!

20. Bacon Bandages Strips

If there is one thing that can make everything better, it’s bacon. That includes cuts and scrapes! These fun self adhesive bandage strips are shaped like the delicious pig meat with a purpose–to put lighthearted humor into any healing process for those who need some levity in their life while they recover from an injury or illness

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