20 Most Unique Gifts for Women – Clever Christmas Gifts for Her

We have a wide variety of unique gifts for women, and we’re confident you will find an amazing present. From handcrafted items like jewelry or soy candles to exciting gift box subscriptions that include home decorating supplies in addition to the monthly surprise theme each season (like handmade soap!), there is something here just right!

1. Cozy Cashmere Eye Mask and Headband

The delicate softness of cashmere is perfect for keeping her skin feeling comfortable and relaxed. She can wear this as a headband, or pull it down over one eye when she needs extra sleep time in order not be distracted by any outside lights at night (or other distractions). This stole-like accessory will keep styles without fussing with jewelry; just add sunglasses!

2. Blanket Hoodie

The blanket hoodie is a great gift for any occasion! This blanket has giant front pockets that can store your mobile devices, such as phone and remote controls. It also comes with wide neck design to allow you move around freely while still being cozy on its own timed length of time – perfect if someone’s got their head in the clouds thanks practicality during winter months or are sickly warm all year round (depending). The oversized hood provides extra warmth when needed most.

3. Microwaveable Warmies Slippers

When you get home from a long day, give your feet some TLC with these cozy slippers. Soft and warm made of super-soft plush fabric that’s filled with grain before being dried French lavender is scattered throughout the inside for an extra layer or two in insulation against cold air drafts while it warms up on its own when heated by microwaves!

4. Hedgehugs Best Friend Shirt

If you love animals or enjoy whimsical gifts, this adorable t-shirt is perfect. The shirt comes pre-shrunk and made to order in a range of pretty colors with the most delightful pair hedgehogs hugging on front!

5. OxyTwister Wine Aerator

The OxyTwister has revolutionized the way we enjoy our wine. It is designed in Denmark and allows for circulated air to pass through with no drip, while also preventing excessive breathing that takes place when wines are left on their own accord (or not passed quickly enough).

6. MasterClass Online Class Subscription

With a Masterclass, you can broad her horizons with an online course in just about anything. From science to singing and cooking; there are lessons from celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Martin Scorsese that will teach her the greatness of which she is capable!

7. Growlight Frame Shelf

What would you say to bringing your favorite plant into the lives of those who are less fortunate? The Wall-Ava grows plants in a hidden away, lighting them up with just enough love and care. Choose from two different frame styles:Landscape or portrait orientation for this life size art piece that will be sure make anyone happy!

8. Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa

What’s better than a day at the spa? How about relaxing in your own home with this amazing new bath accessory from Conair. The Dual Jet Bath Spa has all of those soothing whirlpool and bubbles options that she would want for any mood, plus it’s easy enough to use even when time isn’t on her side!

9. P. F. Candle Co. Candles

Vegan candles that are not only vegan but also help the community? These luxury-scented apothecary style soy wax tarts will change your living room into an inviting space with their warm and fragrant aroma. With every purchase, 10% of profits go towards local charities like Los Angeles Regional Food Bank!

10. Tiny Double Name Ring

This ring is incredibly dainty to look at, but it will make an exquisite gift for loved ones. Available in gold or silver with three different finishes – open ended style; two names of your choosing on one side of the band (the script font used here makes them stand out nicely) — this piece has something special planned just for you!

11. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Yum! This kit is a must-have for any spice enthusiast, and will have your tastebuds tingling in no time. It includes all the ingredients she’ll need – including peppers, spices ,and vinegar–to create six different bottles of delicious sauces so you can experience what it feels like to be on an epic food adventure every single day .

12. ThirdLove Organic Cotton Jogger Set

This comfortable, breathable outfit is the perfect way to keep cool on those hot days. Made from organic cotton that’s also super soft and light weight – she can go anywhere in these pants without feeling weighed down! Might want some extra episodes of her favorite show when you get home too because who doesn’t need more screen time?

13. Dandelion Necklace

This dandelion pendant is the perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife or significant other. It’s not only full of memories but also contains some good-luck charm! The seed glass ball hangs from a chain made out bronze metal and silver flakes can be added onto their own chains if desired.

14. Firstleaf Customizable Wine Club Subscription

Whether she knows about wine or wants to learn more, the First Leaf Club makes an outstanding gift. Based on her ratings for each delivery (which will be hand-selected), it’s possible that your girlfriend can get one of six different types delivered every month–or two months if you choose three batch sizes back-to-back!

15. 8 in 1 Always Pan

The Always Pan is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever wanted to live in a more minimalist style. This pan includes an attractive bamboo spatula and can steam, sauté sear fry boil braise – replacing eight pieces of kitchenware!

16. Cold Massage Roller

This is the perfect gift for your favorite fitness enthusiast. It’s a cold massage roller that will help relieve aches and pains from all of those hours spent working out or running around, plus it stays refreshingly cool to apply pressure where you need it most-on their legs!

17. Boob Tape Sticky Bra

The best part of a woman’s day is when she gets home and can whip off that bra! But with Boob Tape, you’ll never have to worry about tight straps or uncomfortable underwires again. These ‘sticky bras’ are made for holding breasts in place without any pain at all- it really holds them stiff so they’re always right where ya want em.

18. Mini Museum

These authentic pieces of history are fascinating and true collectors’ items. packed with genuine artefacts, these little bits have the power to pique any self-proclaimed geek’s interest in life! simply browse through our selection or create your own custom itinerary based on what she’ll love most – all while making sure you keep things fresh (and fun) for her birthday every year afterwards

19. Cheese Board and Hidden Cutlery Set

Gifts for entertaining women should be thoughtful and unique, which is why this cheese board makes such a great gift! The bamboo surface offers an elegant solution to storing utensils while also being environmentally friendly. And with two sauce bowls included in the price of purchase (not including shipping), you’re sure not going hungry when hosting guests at your next party—especially since they come pre-portioned into individual servings so there’s no need to heat up leftover food before serving it over again; just put one bowl out first then add more as needed from our durable ceramic bowls collection if necessary

20. Finger Tracing Meditation Mug

Meditate while drinking your morning coffee with this unique mug! On one side, it features a raised labyrinth that is perfect for tracing. The other half has an image of two women holding hands and looking into each others eyes—a reminder to take time out every day no matter what else may be happening in life.

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