20 Best Gifts For 14 Year Old Girls That’ll Make Them Feel Grown Up

To make the perfect gift choice for a 14-year old girl can be tricky, but we’ve got your back! Our guide will help you find that special something that grows with her and stands out from other gifts. Whether she is just becoming an adult or has grown into one already; there are so many options available in every price range -all waiting to become part of this year’s celebrations (and years after).

1. To My Beautiful Daughter Customized Elephant Sherpa Throw Blanket

The softest, most luxurious blanket ever! Designed for thoughtful caring personal gifts from mom and dad. The intent of this baby gift is not only to bring warmth but also love in your home with a touch that says “I’m sorry I lost my temper when we were kids.”
This super-soft flannel cloth will be sure make any child feel safe again as they snuggle up against you on chilly nights or tuck it underneath them during playtime sessions at Grandma’s house. See more design To My Daughter Blanket

2. Initial Necklace

This necklace is a beautiful piece of everyday jewelry. The paper clip style chain measures 16 1/2 inches long with an extender, and it’s made from nickel-free metal that contains lead or cadmium plating over top anyway you want! All 26 letters of the alphabet are available so this would make anyone happy no matter what their interests might be in fashion accessories

3. A Fun Water Bottle

Why take the boring, everyday water bottle when you can have an awesome one? This design is perfect for making your drink stand out from all others. The slim shape means it will slip easily into any purse or backpack without taking up too much space! Made of BPA-free plastic with a high capacity ( nearly 13 ounces ) these bottles are durable enough to last throughout college years worth’ sof misuse before finally giving way under pressure

4. DIY Lip Balm Kit

Lip balms are a must-have for every girl. This fun kit not only includes the materials needed to make five delicious flavors, but also comes with an attached pouch so you can take them anywhere without worrying about spilling!

5. Instant Camera

The perfect gift for any occasion, the Fuji Instax Mini 8 camera provides a fun and creative way to share your memories. It’s small enough that you can take it everywhere but powerful enough with its 60mm lens focused close up or far away! The built in flash helps illuminate those special moments when lighting isn’t always optimal – like indoors at night where only soft light will do (and no excess noise).

6. Blue Light Glasses

With blue light glasses, you can reduce eye strain caused by staring at a computer or TV. They’re perfect for anyone who spends lots of time on their device! The lenses may also help improve sleep quality as well because this typeof lighting interferes with melatonin release- so it’s beneficial not only in regards towards teens but all ages too!!

7. A Cool Backpack

If you’re looking for a high-quality backpack that will last through college and beyond, this is it! Made of eco friendly waterproof canvas materials with sturdy build quality – light enough to wear comfortably all day long. It features two small pockets inside as well as three outside ones which make organizing your things easy peasy lemon squeezy (or whatever language applies). There’s also an included detachable USB cable design so she can charge her device without having worry about damaging its charging port or getting tangled up in cords whenever possible; plus we throw in some extra fun surprises like cute bobblehead beings too.

8. Golden Snitch Clock

If you feel like your child has been left out on an important journey, this clock will take some of that pain away! The resin Golden Snitches are made to resemble something so famous in Harry Potter novels. It requires one AA battery (not included) and comes with instructions for setting time or Fahrenheit temperature displays as well if needed; perfect gift idea too-especially at holiday season when kids can get into everything again…
The Hogwart’s student who receives his/her letter before everyone else might benefit from having such a reminder around – just don’t forget about them while looking through all those acceptance letters yourself.

9. Succulent Pots

These cute little pots are perfect for displaying plants or holding smaller items. They’re made of ceramic with a bamboo tray and mesh pad drainage screen, so they can handle succulents without problem! These adorable sassy style statement you make in any room that needs more personality than just flowers on display–they’ll liven up even the dullest corner instantly thanks to their wacky shapes and fun colors (think: green!).

10. Lighted Makeup Mirror

Get the perfect wing every time with this lighted makeup mirror! It features rechargeable LED lights and 10x magnification. You can choose from three colors of illumination, or enjoy a dimmer setting that will suit any mood in seconds without sacrificing quality for quantity when it comes to looking your best at all times-especially during those long nights where you’re running late because there’s no other way around town right now thanks so much traffic anyway

11. Apple AirPods

The best way to make an impression is with your ears. Give her the perfect pair that will last longer than five minutes and can be charged in less time too! The AirPods have a chargeable case for 24 hours of battery life, so you’re not left without music when on-the go or at work – it’s also IPX4 water resistant meaning she won’t have any problems taking them swimming either (just don’t try putting these guys through laundry).

12. Fabulous Pens

These fun, ink-filled pens make even doing the most mundane tasks like writing out a todo list or signing forms just that little bit more glamorous! The ballpoint pen comes with an replaceable cartridge which means you never have worry about running dry.

13. Tortilla Blanket

This giant tortilla blanket is what she uses to sleep on every night. The 71-inch diameter makes it perfect for cuddling up with, and the flannel material feels really soft against your skin! You can get this amazing gift as just about any food you want (taco? burrito?) – all are available from our shop now if anyone needs some last minute presents before Christmas arrives tomorrow morning.

14. Makeup Wipes

If you want to keep your skin healthy and moisturized, use a wipe before bed. These makeup-removing cloths are made for normal or oily skins so they’ll be perfect in case she needs some time off from work! Each package comes with 30 wipes that will last her all week long – no matter what kind of situation arises at home when there’s nobody around who can help freshen up after themselves (I know I’d love having this product!).

15. Animal Sheet Masks

There’s no better way to pamper your skin than with these animal print masks. They’re printed on one side which features fun designs and soothing ingredients, while the other is covered in soft fur textures that will leave her feeling relaxed after using them! These make great birthday gifts or sleepover party ideas because they can be used by everyone in attendance; whether you want something light for morning skincare routine (or not!) There’s always time enough when sitting around talking stories before bedtime starts…

16. Nail Polish Gift Set

With such simple application and removal, these nail polishes tick all the boxes. They’re eco-friendly without being too toxic or irritating to skin! The ten color options allow you plenty of room for creativity with your nails while still keeping them looking great – no need for harsh chemicals here just nice clean colors that will never chip easily either because they’ll come right off after 60 seconds dry time (no UV lamps required). What more could someone want?

17. Resin Barrettes

The beautiful, durable resin used in making these barrettes will keep your hair neat and tidy without any slipping or tugging. With a non-slip grip for even thin fine strands of textile fibers as well as thicker textured locks this product is perfect if you’re looking to style yourself up on those busy days!

18. Tie-Dye Scrunchies

What’s trending right now? Retro things of course! That is why these 12 velvet scrunchies are perfect for any girl on your list. They come in different colors, so they’ll match her outfit no matter what it may be – and with this being a stocking stuffer its sure not going unnoticed by all those big sisters out there looking at you funny because their little sister/wife just got something new from Amazon without knowing why…

19. Hoodie

The perfect hoodie is a must-have for anyone. This one will be the hit of your list, with both 14 year olds AND 13 year old girls loving it! What makes this different from other designs? Cat Year Hoodies are available in several sizes to fit any age group – so cute you might end up adding onto their wish lists too!.

20. Bluetooth Speaker

The girl can take her favorite music anywhere with this speaker! It’s water resistant and has a loop that makes it easy to carry. I love how she’s able share the tunes by just connecting headphones, which are also included in case someone else wants some too (or if you don’t have any friends).

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