15 Sexy Gifts for Her That Will Arrive Before Christmas

Spice up the holidays this year with a sexy gift for your special someone! From the bedroom to the car (or even kitchen!), make it an unforgettable night – just be sure to keep it consensual. Step up holiday romance and give something that’ll set hearts racing faster than ever before!

As the temperature drops, something else is heating up – “Cuffing Season”! That’s right- when it gets cold outside and people stay in more, so do couples. Now that you’re settled down with someone or rekindled a flame – why not add some spice to your bedroom? From vibrators to sexy gift ideas; there are plenty of new ways for you two lovebirds to keep each other warm this winter.

Has the sizzle gone out of your relationship? If so, you’re not alone! Studies show that when couples settle into a comfortable routine sexually, it can cause their libido to fizzle. Luckily there’s an easy fix: add something new like one of these spicy gifts and reignite that spark between you two for some extra excitement in the bedroom!

Spice up your relationship with these tantalizing sex-inspired gifts. From a lacy teddy, to edible chocolate body paint that’s good enough to eat, and an array of vibrating pleasure tools we put through their paces – you won’t be disappointed! Bring on the fun whether it’s early days or long term; make sure she knows just how special she is – plus get all the benefits for yourself too…

Spoil the special lady in your life this holiday season with something truly unique and seductive. From lingerie to jewelry, there’s a tantalizing gift that will surprise her on Christmas morning—just make sure it’s opened away from watchful eyes!

Take your relationship to the next level with an intimate at-home date night! Get inspired by taking a fun and revealing chemistry quiz together, then explore these top-rated sexy gift selections for some sizzling surprises. Whether you want to spark up those kinks or fantasies, this could be just what your romance needs!

Sexy Lingerie

Surprise her with something special this season: sexy lingerie. Perfect for any occasion and sure to make a lasting impression, women’s lingerie can provide a chic and beautiful look. Choose from alluring laces, delicate silks and comfortable cottons in a variety of styles and sizes that will have her feeling confident and stylish. Make your gift of lingerie the best one yet by making it truly unique with the perfect set of sexy lingerie.

Kinky Truth or Dare

Ignite the fire of your relationship by adding a thrilling twist to the bedroom – playing kinky truth or dare. Reconnect and reach new depths with each other as you explore both intimate secrets and daring tasks like never before!

Couples Edition

We’re Not Really Strangers unleashed a card game sensation that has sparked heart-to-heart conversations and meaningful connections between friends. Now, with an unforgettable X Rated twist, this version of the OG encourages both emotional intimacy and physical closeness; making it perfect for those looking to deepen their relationships like never before!

Eva II Personal Couples Massager

Give the gift of orgasmic bliss to your partner with a special vibrator! This heavenly device provides amazing clitoral stimulation without you having to lift a finger. The handy wings on it tuck into her labia, allowing for effortless hands-free pleasure and giving both partners the chance to achieve simultaneous orgasms together.

Marseille Bra

A sultry confidence awaits her with this sexy bra! With its tantalizing cutouts and uplifting fit, it’s sure to add some spice to any outfit — even the most casual. Got a lingerie drawer? Get ready for its contents to be put on show…


Technology has done it again! Introducing the Crescendo – a revolutionary vibrator that brings you something special: six hidden motors give you G-spot, clitoral, penis and perineum stimulation all wrapped up in one device. It’s body adaptable too so everyone is catered for no matter their anatomy. The cherry on top? A PLAYbook app with an intimate positions guide plus remote control capabilities – because pleasure should be easy to achieve!

Thistle and Spire Medusa Bodysuit

Thistle and Spire celebrates fierce femininity, empowering women of all sizes to take risks with lingerie designs that are daring in both form and fit. Their stunning snake bodysuit is the ultimate example – revealing enough to tantalize while still offering coverage where it counts.

Awaken Intimacy

Foria’s arousal oil is the perfect choice for those looking to enhance their sexual experience. Their careful blend of CBD and essential oils helps you relax, allowing for deeper sensations and mind-blowing orgasms!


Ignite the passion and take your intimate moments to new heights with a glossy finish that is sure to stick. Enjoy memorable kisses you won’t soon forget!

All Sensation Nipple and Clitoris Clamp

Make it a night to remember with this elegant body chain that expresses her inner desires. This tasteful accessory is perfect for exploring the world of BDSM without feeling overwhelmed, allowing her50 Shades fantasies come alive in style!

Love Is Art Kit

Transform an ordinary night into something truly special with this unique Lovemaking Art Kit. Create a one-of-a kind masterpiece of your own and add some extra flair to any living space, all without leaving the bedroom! With quality nontoxic paint for safe use, you can now enjoy expressing your passion in ways that will last long after lovemaking has faded away.

I Cum First Vibrator

Surprise her with the ultimate act of giving– “I Cum First” vibrator! This cheeky toy is sure to liven up your bedroom game and show who’s really in charge. Let this be a playful introduction into an exciting realm of pleasure.

Savage Not Sorry Lace Teddy

Transform her into the queen she is with this sultry lace bodysuit. Give your special someone an unforgettable surprise that will make them feel like they could run the world while looking drop-dead gorgeous! This ultra-flattering piece of lingerie will reveal a whole new side to confidence and power in bed—your jaw won’t be able to stay unclenched once you see it on.

Fin Finger Vibrator

This finger attachment vibrator is the perfect way to take your pleasure and her orgasm into unexpected territory! Experience new heights with its multifunctional capabilities – use it during foreplay, or even keep enjoying when you’re not around. Who needs tired fingers when there’s a convenient solution for sensual exploration?

Oh Yeah, Right There

Fun Factory has unveiled their exciting new range of vibrating couples toys, each coming in a fun box. For those looking to take things up a notch and reach the heights of pleasure, The Oh Yeah Right There is here! Designed specifically for penis and vagina owners alike – this toy will help you explore sensuality like never before!

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