15 of the Best Housewarming Gifts

Helping turn a house into a home for someone you know starts with the perfect gift! Make sure to pick something that reflects what your recipient is like, while also conjuring up glimpses of adventures they could have in their new abode. All too often gifts come and go without leaving an impression – don’t let yours be one of them! Give just the right thing and show how much you care about this momentous occasion.

Pajama Sets

Pajama sets make the perfect gift for anyone on your list this season! With a wide variety of styles and fabrics to choose from, you can find something that’s just right. Give her the gift of comfort and relaxation with a set made specifically for her. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and love the feeling of slipping into a stylish new pajama set at night or lounging around on lazy mornings. It’s sure to be a gift she’ll treasure all year long!

A cool cookbook

Questlove’s cookbook, published in 2019 and loved by many ever since, is a unique collection of songs and snacks. Recipes from friends like Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart connect music to taste: try the chewy grape focaccia inspired by “Life Of Da Party” or Maya Rudolph’s chocolate chili that pairs perfectly with Muddy Waters’ “Herbert Harper’s Free Press News”. This book radiates warmth; it captures friendship over food & tune-filled moments that remind us what home really means.

Musical accompaniment

Turn up the good times with the Wonderboom speaker! This pint-sized powerhouse delivers impressive bass and rich sound, perfect for livening up small rooms or large patios. And its 11-hour battery life ensures your night of fun won’t be cut short – a feature that will come in handy if things get wild, as it can survive drops from 5 feet and even an occasional dip in water. So start planning those intimate dinner parties (or spontaneous ragers) today – you’ll have all the music you need to make them epic!

Salt bae

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of practicality and beauty, a pig is certainly not what comes to mind. In Scotland, however, it refers to an attractive earthenware container from Emile Henry that’s great for keeping salt handy on countertops without worrying about splatters or moisture absorption! Give this useful vessel combined with some delicious Maldon Sea Salt Flakes as a gift and wish your friends flavor-filled meals ahead.

Fabulous oil

Brightland’s olive oils are plenty special, offering dedicated cooks or foodie friends a unique culinary experience. These zesty blends source their olives from a family-run farm in California and the process of cold pressing them 90 minutes after harvest is what gives these oils such bold flavors. “Awake” has an invigorating zip to it, perfect for roasted vegetables or added into hummus; while “Alive” provides milder notes that work great with salads and baking!

Stylish sweeper          

Keep your home clean and tidy with style! This one-handed Better Whisk Broom is a great way to make cleaning up those daily messes less of a chore. The wing-shaped design has its origins in Shaker craftsmanship, while the sturdy rice straw bristles are able to pick up stubborn bits without fraying or breaking apart. Its attractive aesthetic means you can proudly store it anywhere for easy access when needed – perfect for small tidying tasks and larger spills alike!

Burning bright

Make a special moment with the Alysia Mazzella Twin Flame Candle – more than just an ordinary taper candle, this hand-dipped beeswax creation is designed to provide meaningful ritualistic moments for your loved ones as they christen their new home. Light one of these beloved candles and let it slowly melt away into beautiful sculptures while your recipient enjoys life’s simple pleasures. And when you’re done savoring its two hour burn time, return 8 ounces of melted wax back to the artisan maker in exchange for a fresh start!

Coasting by

Invest in a few Graf Lantz merino wool assortments for your brand new table! The felt coasters are great at absorbing condensation and insulating against heat, plus they won’t fade even after many years of use. Plus, if any dust collects on them you can quickly restore their vibrant tones with just one pass of the lint roller.

A friendship plant

Pilea peperomioides is known by many names—Chinese money plant, UFO plant, pancake plant and more! Its cheerful leaves make it the perfect addition to any home. Plus, this easy-to-care for houseplant can be propagated easily so you may get an extra bonus should a cutting come your way – making Pilea peperomioides the ultimate “friendship” or “sharing” plant! Léon & George offers these plants in specially crafted protective boxes with its own 45 day guarantee to ensure that everyone – even those without a green thumb – enjoys success while growing their new friend.

A calming light          

Give the gift of relaxation and harmony this season with a salt lamp! Not only does it cast an inviting, rosy glow in any room, but its portability – thanks to its small size and 6-foot cord – makes it easy for your recipient to move around. And when they’re ready to wind down at night? No problem; this one also has a dimmer switch so that’s no sweat either!

A sweet snack         

Say goodbye to chocolates and hello to deliciously unexpected halva! This unique trio from Seed & Mill will have your recipient’s taste buds tingling. The Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Toasted Sesame and Pistachio flavors are sure be a hit – even more so since they’re vegan, gluten-free and kosher certified. Plus the melt-in-your mouth bars can be used in creative ways when baking desserts like brownies or ice cream – making them an excellent gift for those who love getting experimental in the kitchen!

A piscine pitcher

Do you have a friend who always seems to be unimpressed? Then this fish-shaped, 42-ounce stoneware pitcher is the perfect gift for them! It comes in an array of colors and makes pleasant gurgling noises reminiscent of bubbling brooks. Hannah Morrill even found another use: she uses it as a stylish vase for flowers. Perfectly intriguing or cheeky depending on their personality – Wirecutter’s gifts team unanimously voted charming!

An elegant tray

For all of life’s haul-able needs, this 19×13″ teakwood tray is your perfect companion. Its checkered inlay and minimalist lines provide a classic aesthetic charm while its moisture-, heat-, and light-resistant properties make it suitable for both indoors or outside. But its functionality doesn’t end there – the sturdy handles and deep sides are ideal for transporting cocktails, appetizers or breakfast (in bed!). When not in use, display atop any surface with flowers & books to complete the scene!

Weighted warmth

Recent relocation causing stress? Ditch years of sleepless nights with a cozy hug from the Bearaby Cotton Napper weighted blanket. Its chunky cotton yarn is like wrapping yourself in an oversize sweater, and comes in five chic colors to match any home’s decor. Studies suggest that it can help reduce insomnia as well! Choose between 10-, 15-, 20- or 25-pound options for peaceful sleep all night long – plus, machine washable for easy care – giving you nothing but sweet dreams.

A tough apron

Gift the home chef in your life something that will make them look and feel stylish every time they’re cooking – like Hedley & Bennett’s Crossback Apron! This incredible apron is designed with a soft-yet-sturdy canvas material, resistant to spills and splatters. And it goes beyond its practical design; this gender neutral apron looks great no matter what kind of meal you eat (takeout pad thai included!).

A puzzle for the homesick

Relocating can be tough, but imagine having the perfect gift for someone new to your city! The custom-printed 400 piece map puzzle allows them to reminisce of their old home by piecing together a 4×6 mile area surrounding it. It may take cartographic experience or hours scrolling Google Maps – but this impressive challenge is sure to keep any puzzler busy and connected with memories from gone days.

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